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‘No hoof, no horse’ is very true but it is also important to remember ‘No farrier, no hoof'

Farriers are a vital part of the team for every horse, regardless of the discipline and the level, the role played by farriers should not be underestimated.

Student Farriers working at the Farriery Ireland Forge, The Curragh, Co.Kildare
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About The Farriery Authority

Farriery Ireland, formerly known as The Irish Farriery Authority, was established in 1999 to train, promote and support the profession of farriery in Ireland.  Farriery Ireland has on it's board and management committee representatives from the farriery profession as well as those from both the thoroughbred and non-thoroughbred sectors of the horse industry.  Working closely with the Irish Master Farriers’ Association, Farriery Ireland established the Irish School of Farriery on the RACE campus in Kildare Town where instruction and assessment is done on the three off-the-job modules of the SOLAS Advanced Craft Certificate (Farriery) apprenticeship.  AQQI (Quality and Qualifications Ireland) Level 6 qualification, this certificate ensures that those entering the profession are trained to a consistently high standard.  The School of Farriery also offers continuing professional development courses to practicing farriers and relevant courses to horse industry owners and employees. Farriery Ireland is responsible for maintaining the Irish Farriery Register – a database and directory of farriers practicing in Ireland which includes their location, training and contact details.  It is a valuable resource for anyone who wishes to source a farrier. Add in the piece about the Legislation

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Farriery Ireland's Objectives

What are we trying to achieve?

Farriery Ireland aims to be the campion of the three main sectors in the industry - farriers, apprentices and horse owners.

By protecting the interests of Farriers in Ireland, we provide an opportunity for continuing education as well as supporting and promoting qualified Farriers.

FI established and runs the Irish School of Farriery with the goal of educating, training and certifying competent persons allowing them to become part of the Official Register of Farriers. Through the establishment and maintenance of this Register we can offer a single source of skilled professionals to horse owners nationwide.

The education and training of apprentices attending the Irish School of Farriery through the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ) system also allows us to provide seminars and educational courses in various aspects of farriery in the horse industry.

Farriery Ireland proudly promotes and supports other institutions, associations, clubs and societies on issues of animal welfare.

Veterinary Practice (Amendment) Bill 2011
The Irish Farriery Authority has been working in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture Food and Marine to establish the Farriery Register. Once passed, this Bill will ensure that all Farriers practising in Ireland meet the minimum training qualifications and have the necessary experience in accordance with the conditions of registration set out by Farriery Ireland and the Irish Master Farriers Association.

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Farriery Ireland Management Committee

Farriery Ireland  consists of representatives from both the Thoroughbred and the non-Thoroughbred sectors of the horse industry.