About the Register

Dedicated to the memory of Michael Osborne MRCVS (1934 – 2005). Chairman of the Irish Farriery Authority (Farriery Ireland) in recognition of his contribution to the Farriery industry in Ireland.

The Irish Farriers Registration (IFR) is a directory of qualified farriers practicing in Ireland. It was initially compiled in 2004 with the support of the Irish Master Farriers’ Association and Department of Agriculture which had an open-door policy regarding inclusion. The Register has since been updated and now lists Farriers who are recognised by FI as having a recognised qualification in Craft – Farriery. The FI Register aims to highlight education and training opportunities for potential apprentices; to enable equine owners to access top-quality hoof-care in their location. Our vision is to prevent and avoid unnecessary suffering to equines by ensuring all listed members have a recognised qualification in Farriery.

Recognised Qualification in Craft – Farriery

In order to be listed on the FI register persons must hold one a recognised Craft qualification in Farriery, or an overseas qualification accepted as an equivalent by the Irish Master Farriers Association (I.M.F.A):

Farriery Qualifications

  • Bord na gCapall – R.F.
  • Irish Master Farrier – MF
  • QQI Level 6 Advanced Certificate in Craft – Farriery – A.C.C.F
  • Diploma Worshipful Company of Farriers – Dip WCF
  • Associate Worshipful Company of Farriers – A.W.C.F
  • Fellowship Worshipful Company of Farriers – F.W.C.F
  • Approved Training Farrier – ATF
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