About the School

The Irish School of Farriery continues to assist in the training of Farrier apprentices and the development of a modern farriery syllabus. Run under the Irish Farrier Authority, the School of Farriery is where Irish apprentices undertake their practical and theoretical assessments. The Farriery school is the only training centre that offers accredited training to apprentices in the Republic of Ireland and is highly regarded around the world. The school has been the venue for several seminars and demonstrations for farriers, apprentices and horse owners.

All of these activities have been achieved with the help and co-operation of;

The Farriery Authority

The Irish Master Farriers Association (I.M.F.A)

The National Farrier Employer (Masters)

Horse Racing Ireland (H.R.I)

The Irish Thoroughbred Breeders Association (I.T.B.A)

Horse Sport Ireland (H.R.I)

Seirbhísí Oideachais Leanunaigh Agus Scileanna (SOLAS)

Kildare and Wicklow Education and Training Board (K.W.E.T.B)


Career Opportunities

Training to become a farrier not only helps to maintain and develop the standard and quality of farriers around Ireland; it also offers graduates a license to travel as the qualification is recognised internationally.


The school’s management and tutors are industry professionals with an in-depth understanding and practical knowledge of the principles and theories within their field.  


General Manager

Sharon McConnell

Craft of Farriery Instructors

·      Alywn McKeown

·      Donal Bennett

Equine Science, Husbandry and Business Tutors

·      Andrew Mahon

·    Martina Dempsey

Student Farriers working at the Farriery Ireland Forge, The Curragh, Co.Kildare
Horse Show icon Farriery Ireland


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Introduction to Equine Healthcare

Short educational courses for horse owners or anyone else interested in the care and welfare of horses.

horse hoof in hand

8 - 10 people

horse hood in hand

1 hour per topic

Continuous Professional Development

Open to all practising Farriers. Get in touch for more information.

horse hoof in hand

8 - 10 people

horse hood in hand


SOLAS Apprenticeship – QQI Advanced Certificate in Craft – Farriery

All practical elements of the Craft of Farriery and focuses especially on conditions affecting the lower limb of the horse.

horse hoof in hand

8 People

horse hood in hand

4 years

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