Get in the inside story - Q&A with a current apprentice - Darragh Campbell

What is your name?

Darragh Campbell


Who is your Employer?

Daniel Breen

 Number of Years on your Apprenticeship?


 Where are you from?

New Inn, Co. Tipperary

Why did you chose an apprenticeship in Farriery?

I wanted to work with horses after growing up with them and I have always had a keen interest in equestrian activities. As a child I took part in a lot of hunter trials and pony club games.

What is it like to be a farrier apprentice in Ireland?

Tough work but enjoyable.


Favourite part of the job?

Being somewhere different every day.

Least favourite?

Working with difficult horses.  

How are you exams doing?

I got on well in all my Phase 2 assessments and passed everything first time. I am currently in week 6 of 11 and hope to do well as well as Phase 2.

What do you do in your spare time?

I play hurling for New Inn, football and hunt with the Tipperary Fox Hounds.

What is your plan when you’re finished your apprenticeship.

I hope to work for myself once I have built up enough work or travel abroad

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