Profile of an Apprentice - Ben McAteer

Ben comes from a family of farriers, and when he qualifies he will become the sixth farrier in the family. From an early age, Ben knew he wanted to work outside, he completed his Leaving Certificate but decided that college wasn’t the best path for him. Becoming a farrier was the obvious choice – having grown up around horses and with a good understanding of the profession from his family, it was a perfect fit. When asked about why he chose this career path he simply said: “I love it.” Ben went on to add that he enjoys how no two days are ever the same and that he loves working outside and with different clients everyday. Ben is currently training under his father Michael McAteer and also under his cousin John McAteer, both of whom are master farriers based in Co Meath. Ben considers himself very lucky that the family has a large base of clients built up already and one day he hopes to join in the family business. However, he is considering travelling when he graduates and then coming back to Ireland.

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